31 July 2019

Sariev Gallery is pleased to announce its new visual identity!

Dear friends,

Sariev Gallery is pleased to announce its new visual identity! 

The new identity was created by the Bulgarian graphic design studio PUNKT, specialized in projects for cultural and non-profit organizations, whose work is focused on creating strong and impactful visual identities featuring minimalistic graphic elements, messages and illustrations. 

The concept of the new visual ID is based on the gallery's experimental and non-conservative structure. It's aimed at presenting a system that communicates freely and removes the hierarchy, where the most important thing is to have the character of the gallery in its entity, rather than emphasizing a particular identity element. The result is a system that is both neutral and distinctive, whose tone is simple but attractive.

The font that PUNKT decided to use for the main elements of the gallery's new identity is Gabriele Fumero's Opale, which was found on the online platform of the Swiss University ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne, which gives students the opportunity to showcase their successful projects created during their studies there.
For the additional elements in the communication is used a font by Bulgarian designers - Attractive.