In the situation of self isolation provoked by COVID-19 pandemic, Sariev gallery, Vesselina and Katrin Sarievi launched on 27 March 2020 #sarievselfisolation . 

#sarievselfisolation is a laboratory where the gallery is curating and presenting works of art, texts, videos, sounds, and images that express thoughts on this moment in the life of our world and visions about its tomorrow. 

#sarievselfisolation is presenting new works, all of them created or developed after the invitation by Vesselina and Katrin Sarievi. Each artist is in focus for 3 - 4 days.

The selection can be followed under the hashtag #sarievselfisolation in the channels of Sariev in instagram, Twitter , and Facebook .


Artists presented (to be updated every 3 days): 

Mitch Brezounek
Plovdiv 2020 
series of 11 digital drawings
27 March – 30 March 2020

“In the dark days of the coronavirus, stuck in my flat on the 6th floor in Plovdiv, I can observe the behavior of the population during isolation. Being an anthropologist, I started drawing to record the stereotypes of my fellow citizens. Between imagination and reality, this series of drawings "Plovdiv 2020" emerged, which gives another perspective or even brings a smile in the corner of your mouth without assuaging the situation.“ Mitch Brezounek


Pravdoliub Ivanov 
selection of works
1 April – 4 April 2020

If we want life back to the way we liked it, do we have to rethink the values with which we created it? P.I, 31.03. 2020, Sofia

"By 3 in the afternoon I fill dizzy and went to bed. I dreamed that people could see into the future by wearing  a simple medical mask put on eyes. I saw a lot of people around me doing it. I moved my mask from the  mouth to my eyes and saw how some compelling, invisible force drives the right-handers had to do everything with the left hand and vice versa, the left-handers had to do everything with the right hand. The world was the same, but much more awkwardly made. I couldn’t understand why everything had the same yellow-reddish color. At first, I decided that everything was made of copper, but then I looked as if things were smeared with iodine. David woke me up by running into bedroom shouting - Dad, we’re making a movie with Mom." Pravdoliub Ivanov, 24.03.2020


Dimitar Solakov 
Let Humanity Tip Over. I Need Fewer Priorities., 2020, project
5 April – 7 April  2020

"Things are changing, like they’ve always have in an endless cycle, and humanity still cannot realise just how fragile it is, where its place in this cycle is. So little of what people think and worry about is meaningful. They cling to the superficial, feeding greed, which grows more and more powerful and reckless. The tower of collective greed must topple. Let humanity tip over. I need fewer priorities." Dimitar Solakov


Kosta Tonev
project, 2020
8 April  – 10 April 2020

The artist transforms his living room window into a movie screen, which displays subtitles from famous moments in film history. Thus, his everyday life, seen from the position of his neighbors, becomes a mosaic of movie scenes dedicated to the isolation of the individual and the attempt to reenact social interactions.


Rudi Ninov
series of drawings and texts
11 April – 14 April 2020

Here’s a few ink drawings on paper from an on going series called (after Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus 1956). His music is fascinating, sketchy and unpredictable, and has been  playing in the background while making drawings on the coffee table at home away from studio. I’ve always thought my studio was a large toolbox, I guess the paintings would be the packed and ready to go toolbox…then the drawings are all the small bolts and nuts that I have to look for, join together, knock into place, polish, only to take apart again.


Maria Nalbantova
Brave New Hygiene, 2020 
15 April – 17 April 2020

"We are constantly given advice and instructions about how to wash hands – a major barrier against spreading infections. Using the simplest means of hygiene – the soap, we are protecting both ourselves and our loved ones. We are washing away doubt, problems and danger. Handwashing has become a ritual. The soap is now a field of interpretation regarding both the existence of the community and the issue of how to deal with a crisis." Maria Nalbantova, Sofia, April 14th, 2020


Snejanka Michaylova
on 19 April (Orthodox Easter)

Translation of Psalm 22 in Feelings by Snejanka Mihailova in a dialogue with Philip Baber


Michail Michailov
video, object 
21 April - 23 April

Not that the pursuit of orientation is something new for Michail Michailov. But because of the worldwide COVID-19 shutdown, everyone suddenly loses their bearings and nobody knows how the future will go. New thinking and new ideas are needed. Michailov lands playfully lost and with hope at the same time on his rooftop, roams around and searches for new directions...


Zara Alexandrova
series of drawings after Margaret Atwood’s “Handmaid’s Tale“
25 April - 27 April


“In our life under quarantine suddenly we are granted more time to spend with our families, read books, watch movies etc. It is somehow ironic to imagine that there are homes where reading Margaret Atwood’s  “Handmaid’s Tale“ or streaming the TV series after the book now turns from fiction into reality. This kind of scenario could be specific to a social position of a woman confined to home, whose subsistence relies primarily on a man. But, we can also think of working class women who have to work in order to subsist and who historically have been able to use the workspace as momentary escape from the patriarchy of the household. In times like this “the nostalgia for the present“ no longer applies.” / Zara Alexandrova, April 2020, Berlin



Kalin Serapionov
At the end of the day, 2020, cycle of 6 videos
29 April - 1 May 2020

Exploring the boundaries of what’s possible in a situation of self-isolation, the artist makes “quick drawings” of the people with whom he talked online while in isolation. The medium of the contact with the other determines here the medium of representation of others.

“At the end of the day” presents another type of “drawing” and building an image in digital space. This is drawing on a white screen with sound and words. The author sets up an abstract orientation for the image that he remembers and invites the viewer to build up their own image, while inputting sense and creativity.


Stela Vasileva
Series of drawings "Self-Distance"
3 May - 5 May 2020

An ordinary day is no longer so ordinary. Our daily routine too. People adopt new habits and rethink others. In the Self-Distance drawing series, I depict a person who is placed in a situation of forced distance, despite his needs and desires. People on the move, with no apparent purpose and direction. Everything seems normal, but not quite. Only nature remains as an observer, unattainable, as if unaffected, at rest for reflection. / Stella Vasileva, April 2020


Voin de Voin
Study of Light, series of works, 2020
6 May - 8 May 2020

Secret  diary / nature diary. The content reminds  a mystical-poetic-outlaw transcript of different  encounters. The series are an exercise in reduction of the polyphony of possibilities within mechanisms of perception and has a goal to disregard possible narrations. It enters in dialogue with everything that surround us- natural elements like light, sound, vibration passage of time, nature itself.Set in  the conjunction of movement and observation, where the spiritual informs the sinful. /Voin de Voin, Solitude Academy Stuttgart, 2020


Iana Boukova
Fears leading to insanity (excerpt), 2017 - 2020
9 May - 11 May 2020

There are topics where it is a symptom the very fact that they are called "current". Victorians are said to have talked about death all the time, but never about sex. Like Victorians with a reverse sign, we constantly talk about sex, never about death.
"Fears leading to insanity" is a poetic project based on "found text” and exploring the inability of the modern person to approach the subject of their mortality. From the shamanic jargon of medicine through the mourning kitsch to the inexhaustible pataphysics of the popular media, language proves to be both powerless and aggressive, macabrely comical in every attempt to utter the fact of dying. Madness takes the place of metaphysics.
"I don't need to say anything. I'm just showing" says Benjamin.
The fragments used have been collected by the Web in recent years from a variety of sources: stories in the news, forensic reports, posts in groups and discussion forums, advertisements of funeral homes, dictionary entries, Google search results etc. The text has not been changed, only in some places the lines are cut to resemble verse form. Original spelling is preserved.




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Dear friends,
This emergency situation in the world, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced us, similarly to all our colleagues, to close the doors of Sariev Gallery in Plovdiv for the prescribed period. 
However, since our work has never been limited by the physical space of the gallery, art and thinking have been our passion for life; the artists with whom we work, the curators and writers are our family and friends; we as gallerists do not close the doors of our spiritual space and remain in constant contact with our circle by exchanging thoughts, ideas and visions. 
Living in self-isolation and like everyone who follows the news, we feel that many people in the world are trying to consider the time in which we live from a different perspective or in a different vision from the one provided by the media. We know that art is what can connect us with the answers within us.
Beyond every familiar manner in which we curate exhibitions and projects, we decided to select images from our correspondence with the artists from the beginning of the pandemic, to invite more artists whose work inspires us to share with us works of art, visions, texts, videos, and sounds that express their thoughts on this global situation and their visions of tomorrow. They are artists, but also people like us, and we believe that you will feel them closer than ever. 
You can find our selection in the next weeks under the hashtag #sarievselfisolation in the channels of Sariev in instagram, Twitter , and Facebook .
We are optimistic that the hope for tomorrow and the belief in today will be the contagion that will give us life.
Stay healthy! 
Katrin and Vesselina Sarievi, Sariev Gallery