The Collectors’ Forum

Presenting Private and corporate collectors' practices

The Collectors’ Forum is a platform which brings to the light recognized private and corporate collector’s practices, guides and fosters young collectors in compiling and managing a collection and creating a communicational environment. Started in 2011, the program is realised in partnership with Open Arts Foundation. 

Collectors’ Forum 2011
within the VIP program of 
Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv
Guest speakers: Hans Knoll, Gabor Hunya, Valerie Verhack (Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels), prof. Valeri Stefanov (Union of Bulgarian Collectors)


Collectors' Forum 2014
within the Introduction to Contemporary Art 
Guest speaker: Georgi Voinov


Collectors' Forum 2015
within the "Focus: Bulgaria" at viennacontemporary and Contemporary collecting (20four7) 
Talk with Nedko Solakov and Gaudenz B. Ruf 
Moderator: Rainald Schumacher 


Collectors' Forum 2016
Collecting and exhibiting:
A look into a French public collection of contemporary art
Lecture by Veronique Souben, director of FRAC Normandie Rouen

Collectors' Forum - Lecture by Alain Servais, collector
Watch video of the lecture here

Collectors' Forum 2017
Narration and Collection – the Collection of Deutsche Telekom Art Collection Telekom
Lecture by Rainald Schumacher (Berlin)


Collectors' Forum 2018
The Life of a Collector 
Lecture by Luis Bassat (Bassat collection, Spain)

Collectors' Forum 2019
THE REDISCOVERY OF WONDER. What Art Can Really Do for Us
Lecture by Christian Kaspar Schwarm (founder of “Independent Collectors”, Berlin)


Collectors' Forum 2020 (postponed becouse of Covid-19 Pandemic)
The institution as a place for aesthetic experience
Lecture by Marius Babias (director of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin)